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Holly Gennero McClane : Die Hard Character

Holly Gennero McClane is a fictional character from the Die Hard films. In the original film, and its two following sequels, she is married to the story's main protagonist, John McClane. Over the course of the series their relationship becomes more and more strained and by the upcoming fourth film, they are completely separated, or perhaps even divorced. They have two children together, John Jr. and Lucy. Holly is portrayed in both films by actress Bonnie Bedelia.
When Holly is first introduced in Die Hard, she works at the Nakatomi Plaza for Joseph Tagaki's oil corporation. Her marriage to John has been estranged ever since she took up her new job in Los Angeles and he refused to relocate with her from New York. Holly lives in LA with their children, who Holly is keen for John to spend more time with. They quickly get into an argument over why Holly chooses to use her maiden name (Holly Gennero) at work, and are separated for most of the film while John fights the terrorists. At the end of the film, as in Die Hard 2, they appear to reconcile, although this is more likely a temporary result of the ordeal they have been through rather than any long lasting understanding. Holly is a strong willed woman, and a match for John's own domineering personality, as she doesn't back down from confrontation. However, she is also loyal and when necessary, can be violent, twice assaulting the opportunist news anchor, Richard Thornburg. Realising the gravity of the situation she asserts herself as spokesperson of the remaining hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza, while at the same time avoiding revealing herself as McClane's wife, aware that she may be used as a pawn.
Holly does not return for the third film in the series, Die Hard with a Vengeance, although she is mentioned in conversation and John makes an attempt to telephone her. Through this, we learn that she still resides in LA, and is still married to John, although it appears their marriage is in dire straits, partly due to John's drinking habits. In the latest installment of the story, she is likely to have divorced John.
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