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Sgt. Al Powell : Die Hard Character

Sgt. Al Powell is a fictional character in the Die Hard series of films, portrayed by actor, Reginald VelJohnson. He works for the LAPD.
Powell is somewhat modeled on the stereotypical image of LAPD's uniform wearing officers, i.e. he's nearing his mid 40s to 50s, is fond of sugary snacks, such as doughnuts, and twinkies, and is relatively overweight. Powell is a family man, and in his entrance in the first film, is buying twinkies for his pregnant wife (whom we never see). Although Powell is a law abiding officer, he doesn't shy away from using his gut instinct, and while his superiors treat McClane with suspicion, and ignore his advice, Powell befriends him and helps him to defeat the terrorists. Though initially serving no purpose other than to provide moral support to McClane, Powell is revealed to be haunted by the memory of a teenager he mistakenly shot when he was younger. The event traumatised him, and he has been unable to pull his gun since. At the end of the movie, seconds after meeting McClane face-to-face for the first time, Karl appears, brandishing his Steyr AUG and preparing to kill McClane as revenge for killing his brother Tony earlier in the film. Before he can kill McClane, Powell cuts him down with six bullets from his revolver, overcoming his inner demons and saving the life of his friend. This act of redemption goves Powell the confidence he needs to accept the mistake of his past and move on with his life.
In Die Hard 2 we see that Powell has been promoted since the first film, is no longer a patrol officer, and now has his own office. Powell is absent from Die Hard with a Vengeance, which takes place in New York City. He isn't scheduled to appear in the upcoming fourth instalment, Live Free or Die Hard, and there is no update on his relationship with John McClane.
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