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Zeus Carver : Die Hard Character

Zeus Carver is a fictional character and a protagonist in the film Die Hard with a Vengeance. He is played by actor Samuel L. Jackson.
Carver owns, and works at an electronic shop in a residential area of Harlem, appears to be strongly influenced by the teachings of black activists such as Malcolm X, and is generally suspicious of white people, although his demeanour is an offset of his experiences rather than any genuine hatred. He is also an exponent of good education, encouraging his nephew to stay out of trouble and go to school.
In the film, Carver helps John McClane escape from an angered mob, after McClane walks into Harlem wearing a sign which reads "I hate niggers". As he explains to McClane, Carver does this, not out of concern for McClane's well being but rather because he wants to avoid the inevitable fallout which would be caused by a white man being murdered in the middle of Harlem, and the wrath of white cops that may follow. When asked by McClane as to why he came to his aid, Carver replies:
I didn't. I stopped a white cop from getting killed in Harlem. One white cop gets killed today, tomorrow, we've got a thousand whitecops. All of them with itchy trigger fingers. Got it?
Against his will, Carver is forced to join McClane in completing Simon Gruber's "Simon says" requests. Unlike McClane, Carver is adept at solving the riddles, and on a number of occasions, saves the lives of himself, McClane and innocent bystanders by using wit rather than brawn. McClane and Carver bicker relentlessly but McClane acknowledges and appreciates the help Carver is able to offer, and nearing the end of the film, they've developed a bond and manage to escape another elaborate death trap set up by the flamboyant Gruber.
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