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Professor Henry Jones, Sr. is a fictional character in the Indiana Jones series of films, who first appeared in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and was portrayed by Sean Connery.
The father of renowned archaeologist Indiana Jones, Jones Sr. is a teacher of medieval literature whom many college students hope they don't get. Always busy in his work, Jones Sr. had little time for his son and so the two rarely spoke with each other. Jones Sr.'s wife, Anna, served as a bridge between him and Indy but after her death due to scarlet fever, the wedge between the father and son became too great.
Jones Sr. was fascinated by the Arthur Legend concerning the Holy Grail and was eventually hired by Walter Donovan to lead an expedition to search for it. He was working in a Venetian Library with his colleague, Elsa Schneider when he was captured by Nazi officials and locked in a castle in Austria. He was eventually rescued by his son and joined him in finding the Grail. Eventually the wedge between the two lessened as they got to talk to each other. When Indiana, atop a Nazi tank plunged over a cliff, Henry thought he had lost his son. Indy managed to pull himself back up, and was greeted by a hug from his relieved father. The wedge practically vanished when Jones Sr. recovered from a would-be fatal gunshot wound that Indy healed with the Grail.
A notable feature of Jones Sr. was that he called his son Junior most of the time, something Indy detested. He did call his son by his notable name one time but just once. He does not tolerate his son using The Lord's name in vain, slapping Indy across the face when he does so and telling him "That's for blasphemy". Jones Sr. also adapted to his son's adventurous lifestyle pretty quickly by scaring seagulls into the air thereby bringing down a Nazi fighter plane, blowing up a troop transport with the tank's sidegun, and squirting ink from a fountain pen into a Nazi soldier's face.
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