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Sallah is a fictional character in the Indiana Jones trilogy. Played by John Rhys-Davies, he appears in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In addition, he also appears in the preshow video in the Disneyland attraction Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye and voices the safety spiels in the attraction.
An old friend of Indiana Jones, Sallah is a portly Arab living in Cairo. While his profession is never explicitly told in the films, Ford's character calls him "the best digger in Egypt", and he does help the Nazis in an archaeological dig, so it can be assumed he is a professional excavator. He has many children and several connections in Cairo, even with the local pirate traders, such as Captain Katanga

Sallah helps Jones decipher the inscription on the back of Marion Ravenwood's medallion by taking him to an old wise man. They learn that the Nazis are digging in the wrong location for the Ark of the Covenant, so Sallah and Jones infiltrate the Nazi dig and they discover the real location of the Well of Souls, where the Ark is kept. Although he is reluctant, Sallah joins Jones in the snake-infested tomb, and they find and move the Ark to the surface.
However, the Nazis discover the secret dig and capture the Ark and Sallah. They also throw Marion into the tomb with Jones, and seal it shut. Jones and Marion escape, however, and he tells Sallah to secure some transportation back the United States. He makes a deal with the captain of the Bantu Wind, a tramp steamer, for bringing Jones, Marion, and the Ark back to the States.

In Last Crusade, Sallah fails in rescuing Marcus Brody from the Nazis, who captured him for the map that leads to the Holy Grail. Sallah takes Jones and his father, Henry Jones Sr. to the Nazi convoy. He later secures some camels for the trip back home, although Indy told him horses. It's revealed that Sallah has a brother-in-law after the Nazis blow up his brother-in-law's car. He captures camels instead of horses for compensation.
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