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Dr. Alan Grant

Grant, played by Sam Neill in the film, is a key figure in the Jurassic Park franchise and an expert renowned in his field of paleontology. John Hammond (founder of InGen) convinces Grant and his coworker (and girlfriend in the movie) Dr. Ellie Sattler to take a tour of this preserve and later to endorse the park itself. Following the shock and amazement of discovering that InGen had successfully cloned dinosaurs, Grant quickly found out the dangers of what man's tampering with nature could unleash. Mayhem struck when the dinosaurs escaped and Grant, who previously disliked children, found himself becoming the father figure and hero for Lex and Tim. He developed a better understanding, not just of children, but also of the consequences of interfering with nature. It should be noted that within the novel Grant had a strong affinity for children - particularly because of their interests in dinosaurs. In making the movie, the screenwriters did this mostly to add tension between Grant and Tim & Lex, especially between Grant and Tim who idolizes the man in both film and novel.

Dr. Ian Malcolm

Ian Malcolm is a mathematician appearing in Jurassic Park. He specializes in the study of the chaos theory and refers to himself as a "chaotician". Jeff Goldblum played the role of Malcolm in the Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park movies. Malcolm is John Hammond's primary critic in both the novel and film, accurately predicting the instability of Hammond's creation. Malcolm is seriously injured in the first book, and is even presumed dead - but in the second book, The Lost World, he returns alive, but crippled. He survives the film with a comparatively minor leg injury, and was thus easily brought back perfectly healthy (except for a minor limp) for the film adaptation of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. In both the films and books Malcolm is an eccentric character who dresses entirely in black; he is described as having the mannerisms of a rock star in the original Jurassic Park, but is sobered by his experiences there and returns as a more measured man in The Lost World.

Dr. Ellie Sattler

She is Dr. Alan Grant's graduate student, and joined him on the tour of InGen's dinosaur preserve. In the movie she is in a relationship with Grant, whereas in the book she is engaged to a doctor. (In the film Jurassic Park III we learn that the relationship between her and Dr. Grant did not work out, although they remain close friends.) Laura Dern plays Ellie in Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.

John Parker Hammond

Hammond is the creator of Jurassic Park and founder of InGen. He is likened to Walt Disney and his Disneyland. He is played by Richard Attenborough. In the movie version, he appears as a sympathetic grandfather, but in the book, he is depicted as a mean-spirited CEO, solely interested in profit and (fatally) lacking interest in the technicalities of genetic engineering. In the book, Hammond is killed by compys; therefore, he does not appear in the novel The Lost World as he does in the movie .

Dr. Lewis Dodgson

A Biosyn agent, played by Cameron Thor in the film of Jurassic Park. He plays a much larger role in the second book, The Lost World. In the novel version of The Lost World he is picked up by a T-rex and then eaten by its brooding children. Dodgson featured briefly in the first book and film, setting up Dennis Nedry's corporate espionage, but the storyline of the second was altered significantly from the novel's and eliminated him altogether. Dodgson's name was created from the combination of a famous Victorian author's pen name (Lewis Carroll) and his real last name (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).

Dr. Martin "Marty" Guitierrez

A doctor from the United States who moved to Costa Rica to practice, he plays an expository role in both novels. He is Richard Levine's best, and perhaps only, friend. He did not appear in either movie. In the first book he is the one who identifies the compys and at the end tells Grant that some dinosaurs may have escaped.

Tyrannosaurus rex

While not strictly a "character", the T-rex is one of the most immediately recognisable elements of the films and books. Throughout the story it is featured as a typical "big scary thing to run away from". At the end of the film's most memorable scene it roars its defiance and superiority over all others after killing the raptors threatening Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the Murphy siblings (not out of any altruistic intentions). In the second movie a pair of rexes (the male in specific) feature prominently and more character is given to the monster. In the third movie a tyrannosaur appears only briefly to fight (and die at the jaws of) the film's main monster, the Spinosaurus.

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