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Jurassic Park is a 1993 science-fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, based upon the novel written by Michael Crichton. The story involves scientists visiting an amusement park of genetically engineered dinosaurs on an island over one weekend. Sabotage sets the carnivorous dinosaurs on the loose, and technicians and visitors attempt to escape the island. The film stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Richard Attenborough, as well as Stan Winston Studios' puppets and cutting edge CGI by Industrial Light and Magic.
At time of release it grossed $919,700,000 worldwide, the highest ever at the time, and the eighth-highest worldwide box office take for a feature film as of 2006. It also helped introduce CGI to the public. The film was followed by The Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1997 and by Jurassic Park III in 2001, neither of which were as financially successful or critically acclaimed as the first. A fourth film is in development.


An InGen employee is killed whilst releasing a Velociraptor into a penhold, prompting a $20 million lawsuit from his family. Thus, Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, as well as chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm and InGen's investors' attorney Donald Gennaro are invited by John Hammond, CEO of InGen to visit Isla Nublar. He must do this to make sure the park is considered safe by experts before being opened to the public. There they witness living dinosaurs, and learn in a film and tour of InGen labs that they recreated the dinosaurs by cloning genetic material found in mosquitoes, preserved in Dominican amber, that had fed on dinosaur blood. The DNA from these samples is spliced with DNA from frogs to fill in any gaps, and, to keep control, all of the cloned dinosaurs are female. The team also witnesses the birth of a Velociraptor, and learns of the intelligent adults at their pen during feeding time.
The scientists are concerned; Malcolm cites chaos theory. They meet Hammond's grandchildren, Alexis and Tim Murphy, and go on a vehicular tour of the park. Ellie leaves to take care of a sick Triceratops, while the rest continue the tour. However, a storm soon hits the island and most InGen employees leave, bar Hammond, game warden Robert Muldoon, chief engineer Ray Arnold, and lead computer programmer Dennis Nedry, who—commissioned by rival company Biosyn—takes the opportunity to steal dinosaur embryos and shuts down the electricity so he can drive directly through the park and deliver them to an auxiliary dock. Thus, a Tyrannosaurus gets past its electric fence and attacks the cars. Gennaro cowardly leaves the kids, tries to hide in an unfinished restroom, and he is devoured while sitting on the toilet minutes later. Malcolm is also wounded during this sub-attack. Grant and Lex escape by climbing down the side of the runway, though Tim is trapped within a car high up in a tree. Ellie and Muldoon rescue Malcolm and are nearly eaten by the T. rex during an intense chase whilst Nedry crashes his car. While trying to fix the problem meets a Dilophosaurus and is soon thereafter attacked and eaten by and never makes it to the way to the auxiliary dock to deliver the embryos.
Grant calms Lex down by convincing her he's not going to leave them. Soon after he rescues Tim from the car in the tree, and they narrowly escape as the car falls after them. Grant, Tim, and Lex sleep in another tree and play with a Brachiosaurus. They also discover some of the dinosaurs are breeding, a result of the frog DNA, which enables them to change sex at will. They also witness the T. rex attacking a flock of Gallimimus after almost being trampled by them. Arnold tries to hack Nedry’s computer to turn the power back on, fails, and goes to turn it back on manually. Arnold doesn't return after about 15 minutes, and Ellie and Muldoon go to turn the power back on, discovering the raptors have escaped. Tim is climbing an electric fence at the moment when Ellie manages to turn the power back on, but luckily he survives. Muldoon is killed by a raptor whilst Ellie escapes from one after discovering Arnold's remains, and meets up with Grant. They go back to Malcom and Hammond. Grant takes a gun from the case after learning that the raptors are in the visitor's center where he has left the children. Lex and Tim narrowly escape the raptors in the kitchen and, using her computer skills, Lex reboots the mainframe in order to call Hammond to get a helicopter. The Tyrannosaurus kills the raptors after a battle with the humans on fossil exhibits. Grant, Ellie, Tim, and Lex escape in Hammond and Malcolm's jeep and then fly away on a helicopter. Grant decides not to endorse Hammond's park, and they simply watch the birds, the simpler relatives of the creatures they escaped.

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