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Ivan Drago

Ivan Drago is a fictional boxer played by Dolph Lundgren who was featured in Rocky IV in the Rocky series. He measures 196cm (6 ft 5 in) tall and weighing 121 kg (263 pounds).

Ivan Drago is an amateur boxer from the Soviet Union armed with a punch over 2000 psi, being outboxed in all characteristics solely by Rocky Balboa, who was responsible for his only defeat. The Soviet officials were convinced that he would beat any boxer. Apollo Creed came out of retirement to challenge him to an exhibition match, and was helped trained by Rocky Balboa. But Drago was resistant to Creed's punches, and his own powerful blows killed Creed in the ring. To avenge Creed's death, Balboa gave up his heavyweight title and travelled to Moscow to fight the Russian. Drago was given hi-tech equipment and injected with an unknown substance, presumably performance enhanching drugs, to build up his strength, but ultimately lost to a determined Balboa. Even though Drago punched harder and more often, his inhuman strength was not enough to defeat Rocky's heart to avenge Apollo. Dolph Lundgren has said during an interview on VH1's I Love the '80s that Drago was definitely a "juicer." Unlike the opponent from the previous movie, Clubber Lang, Drago is a man of few words. In the movie his wife always speaks for him during interviews. He seems to be a very cold hearted person as shown when he comments on Apollo's death: "If he dies, he dies". Drago appears to be fighting for his country but near the end of his fight with Rocky his promoter, a Soviet official insults him, prompting Drago to throw him off the ring and proclaim that he fights for himself. He is also a Soviet Gold Medalist as portrayed in the film Rocky IV.