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Mason Dixon

Mason "The Line" Dixon, played by real-life boxer Antonio Tarver, and based on real fighter Mike Tyson espically early in his career is the primary opponent of fictional boxer Rocky Balboa in the 2006 motion picture Rocky Balboa. His nickname references the historic Mason-Dixon line.

Mason Dixon, the current world heavyweight boxing champion, is destroying all challengers to his title with ease. His short and predictable bouts end up making him unpopular with boxing fans; notably after his latest title defense the few spectators in the arena pellet him with ice. This unpopularity also draws viewers away from his pay-per-view events to the point that HBO will not televise any more of his fights. Later, ESPN televises a computer generated simulation of Dixon against Rocky Balboa in his prime. The virtual fight sees Balboa victorious and leads to discussion over whether Dixon is a soft fighter whose opponents haven't provided him with any "true" competition.

Curiosity builds over the outcome of a real match up as Rocky desires to return to boxing and regains his license to fight. Ultimately Dixon's manager negotiates an exhibition match between an aging Balboa and Dixon, labeled as "Will Vs. Skill". Most pundits place their money on Dixon to completely destroy Rocky in the opening rounds. However, Rocky holds his own against the champ and the match goes the full ten rounds. In the end Dixon narrowly loses to Balboa by split decision proving that Rocky still has enough strength in him to be a champion at age 60. As it stands, Dixon's boxing record is 34-1 with 30 knockouts.