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Rocky Balboa

Robert "Rocky" Balboa was born in 1945. A Roman Catholic, he started boxing at the age of fifteen, because, as his father said, he had no "brains", so he might as well use his body. By the mid-1970s, he was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, working as an enforcer for a local loan shark and fighting club fights.
He was close friends with Paulie Penino whose sister, Adrian, he would ultimately marry. In November 1975, Rocky was asked to be the challenger for the “Heavyweight Championship of the World” against reigning champion Apollo Creed after the scheduled challenger Mac Lee Green broke his hand during training. The fight was scheduled for January 1, 1976. Apollo took the fight as a joke and a novelty. Rocky was given a “million-to-one-shot” at winning the belt and a fifty-to-one shot at lasting more than three rounds with Creed. Rocky “went the distance” and was still standing at the end of the fight. Although Rocky lost the fight in a split decision, it didn't matter to him; all he wanted to do was prove he wasn't just another bum from the neighborhood.
Following the fight and some time in the hospital, Rocky married Paulie’s sister, Adrian. Not long afterwards, Adrian was pregnant. Rocky retired from boxing to get a "desk job", and tried acting in commercials. However, he lacked the ability to do so, and ended up working at the local meat house with his brother-in-law. He was laid off soon after. Apollo Creed wanted a rematch with him to prove that the first fight was a fluke. Taking the risk of permanent blindness due to injuries from the first fight with Apollo, Rocky accepted the rematch, which took place November 1976. By this time, Rocky is 31 years old. He accepts the rematch against Adrian's wishes. Without her support, his training lacks motivation. Adrian went into premature labor after Paulie yelled at her for not supporting Rocky for the fight. She gave birth to Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Jr., but falls into a coma due to birth complications. Rocky stays by her bedside until she wakes up. When she does, he tells her he will not fight Creed and she tells him that the one thing she wants him to do is "Win." Motivated by the birth of his son and Adrian’s recovery, he wins at the very last second, beating the 10-count as both Rocky and Apollo fall in the 15th round. Rocky wins the fight with a knock-out, becoming the “Heavyweight Champion of the World.”
Rocky followed this win with ten successful title defenses and an exhibition match with the world wrestling champion, Thunderlips, whom Rocky fought to a draw. An up and coming challenger, Clubber Lang, repeatedly dogs Rocky for a fight despite Rocky's attempts to retire. After finding out that his previous title defenses had been hand picked to make sure he would be able to beat them, Rocky doesn't believe in himself any more. He then lost a match against challenger Clubber Lang This was the same night Rocky’s long-time manager, Mickey Goldmill died. Apollo then came to him and offered his services to train him for a rematch against Clubber. In a fast-paced rematch, Rocky wins and once more becomes the “Heavyweight Champion of the World”.