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Tommy Gunn

In Rocky V, Tommy Gunn seeks out a down-and-out Rocky Balboa hoping for a chance at boxing greatness. As Gunn explains, he comes from a broken home in Oklahoma and has nothing but the clothes on his back. He pleads with Rocky to take him in despite a poor first impression in Mighty Mick's Gym. When he met Rocky, he had already won 7 fights, making a perfect record, knocking out all of his opponents. Thanks to Rocky's experience and Tommy's talent the two soon achieve great success winning 22 consecutive fights. Tommy however, unhappy with being viewed as a pawn for a now disabled Balboa and wanting bigger paying fights, signs on with less-than-reputable promoter George Washington Duke. The move splits Rocky and his protege apart, and sets the stage for the movie's climax.
Gunn is slightly taller than Balboa, and has stats very similar to Clubber Lang and fights in a similar manner without any real strategy. However, Tommy is not as quick or tenacious in the ring and is slightly inexperienced. These are both Rocky's keys to beating him.