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Tamil Actors & Actresses

Over the Edge..

Meera Jasmine : Biography

Meera Jasmine is one of the most talented actress in the malayalam cinema world. Meera Jasmine is now the most sought-after heroine in the Tamil film industry. She has the best banners calling her and she stars in films opposite the most popular heroes. she did perform good roles, and that she has been acknowledged as a good actress by the public. However, Meera Jasmine feels from the bottom of her heart, that after ïRunï she has been receiving only insults. Meera Jasmine seems to be a great actress, with immense talent and good looks.
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Trisha : Biography

Miss Beautiful Smile (Femina, 2001), 5'71/2" tall, "Trisha Krishnan" was born on 4 May, 1983.Trisha means success. She was born in Tamil Brahmin family. She was born and brought up in Chennai. She has completed her education, schooling at Church Park, college (BBA) at Ethiraj college. She has entered the modeling when she was in the college.
Her hobbies are music, reading, ballet (trained in ballet for 7 years), plays tennis, basket ball, traveling, etc.
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