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Spider-Man was conceived as an ordinary person given great power, and the comics detail his civilian life, friends, family and romances as much as his super-heroic adventures.

Aunt May : Peter Parker's loving aunt, who raises him after his parents die. After the murder of her husband, Peter's Uncle Ben, May is virtually his only family, and they are very close.
Gwen Stacy : Peter's college girlfriend, who is tragically murdered by the Green Goblin.
J. Jonah Jameson : the irascible publisher of the Daily Bugle newspaper. While he employed Peter Parker as a photographer for years, he is also Spider-Man's greatest critic and largely responsible for the public's distrust of the hero.
Joseph "Robbie" Robertson : Editor-in-chief at the Daily Bugle, a moderating influence on Jameson, and a father figure to Peter after Uncle Ben's Death.
Mary Jane Watson : originally merely Gwen Stacy's competition, MJ eventually became Peter's best friend and wife.
Flash Thompson : Peter Parker's high school tormentor, later one of his closest friends. Due to brain damage, he suffers amnesia and regresses to his bullying personality.
Harry Osborn : Peter's best friend in college, who eventually followed his father's footsteps and became the second Green Goblin.
Black Cat, Felicia Hardy : a reformed cat burglar who became Spider-Man's lover and partner. Now a friend and private investigator.

Spider-Man has one of the best-known rogues galleries in comics, including the Hobgoblin, the Lizard, the Scorpion, Sandman, Rhino, Mysterio, the Vulture, Shocker and many others. As with Spider-Man, the majority of these villains' powers originate with scientific accidents or the misuse of scientific technology, and they tend to have animal-themed costumes or powers as well as a predominantly green color scheme which contrasts with the red in the costume of Spider-Man.
Spider Man's most infamous and dangerous enemies are generally considered to be
Green Goblin : Scientist and corporate CEO Norman Osborn tested an experimental formula on himself that gave him enhanced strength but as an unexpected by-product also made him psychotic. Masked within a goblin-like costume, flying first on a broomstick-like device, then on a bat-like Goblin Glider, or via foot-mounted jet packs of his own creation, and using hand-thrown "pumpkin bombs" as weapons, the wealthy Osborn attempted to become the New York City crime boss. When Spider-Man thwarted his plans, the Green Goblin, who eventually learned of Peter Parker's dual identity, dedicated himself to destroying Parker's life. Spider-Man likewise eventually learned of Osborn's dual identity, and his conflicted emotions over fighting his friend Harry Osborn's father gave way to mutual animosity when the Green Goblin killed Parker's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. The Goblin also masterminded the Clone Saga. During a time when Osborn was believed dead, his son Harry, in a psychotic state, took his place as the Green Goblin until Harry's death.
Doctor Octopus : Dr. Otto Octavius is a respected scientist, one of the world's foremost experts in radiation. He used four mechanical arms in his experiments, which bond with his nervous system after an explosion. He combines physical power with mad genius.
Venom : After Spider-Man rids himself of the alien symbiote costume, it bonds with reporter Eddie Brock, who hates Spider-Man. The symbiote gives Brock all of Spider-Man's powers, immunity to Spider-Man's spider-sense, and knowledge of Peter Parker's dual identity. Later in the series, the symbiote leaves the cancer-stricken Brock to take on a new host, Macdonald "Mac" Gargan, the former Scorpion.
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