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Ever since the announcement of the 1993 Jurassic Park feature film, based on the critically acclaimed novel by Michael Crichton, developer Ocean Software, BlueSky Software and Sega of America were outsourced to produce games to be sold to coincide with the release of the film on the popular platforms of the time.

Jurassic Park - 1993

As the film was released, Ocean released three very distinct Jurassic Park games optimised for the different platforms.
Jurassic Park released for the NES and Game Boy were isometric action adventure titles, with various goals that loosely follow the plot of the film. Several levels were notably absent on the Game Boy version. Another variation was the Super NES version of Jurassic Park, which incorporated isometric gameplay for outside environments but used a first person perspective as if looking through a pair of night vision goggles for indoor environments. The player has to complete several objectives to beat the game and escape the island, such as turning on the park's power system and rebooting the main computers, as well as collecting raptor eggs. The Nintendo versions used some plot elements of the novel. For instance, the last objective in the games is to wipe out the velociraptor nest with nerve gas grenades. This plotline only existed in the novel. Lastly a version of Jurassic Park was released for PC:DOS and Amiga, which incorporated some isometric and first-person shooter gameplay, with notably improved resolution and artwork compared to the console versions.

Two very different games appeared on the Sega platforms. On the Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear and Sega Master System a side scrolling platformer action game titled Jurassic Park was developed by BlueSky Software. Interestingly this game can be played in two modes, either as Dr. Alan Grant or as a velociraptor. Playing as each provides the user with an alternative story and level design. The climax of the game mirrored the unused climax of the film, in which Grant must defeat a pair of velocirapotors by causing the Tyranosaurus Rex skeleton in the Visitor's Center to collapse on top of them. Grant himself is the final boss in the same location for the raptor storyline.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - 1997

To coincide with The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the second film in the movie series, studio DreamWorks utilized its internal software company, DreamWorks Interactive to create their own game.
They released The Lost World: Jurassic Park, a side scrolling platformer, but portrayed in a totally 3D rendered environment for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn by Electronic Arts. The game featured five playable characters through many linear paths facing over 20 different dinosaurs. A sprite based version was ported to the Game Boy Color by Torus Games. Due to the large amount of animation each dinosaur possessed, controls were imprecise and made jumping and attacking difficult. Players also complained that not enough levels featured the Tyrannosaurus Rex. These factors made EA go back and release a budget-priced special edition of The Lost World for the PlayStation that better balanced, but didn't completely eliminate, the previous flaws. Another version was developed by Appaloosa Interactive and published by Sega for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Played from an overhead view, the game contained levels brought together by four hub areas on Isla Sorna and also contained four unique boss levels. It also had driveable vehicles, a large number of dinosaurs, excellent graphics for the age of the console, and a GPS system used for mission objectives and a map.
A version developed by Tiger Electronics was released on their short lived handheld game console, Game.com.
Also released was Jurassic Park: Chaos Island, a Command and Conquer style strategy game for the PC. It is noted that some scenes portrayed in the game do not parallel the movie; for instance, Hammond is still alive. Though clearly taking after the movie version of the character (rather than the book) in both continuity and personality, he apparently suffered his influence being circumvented by the leaders of InGen. InGen is attempting to cover up the incidents by killing anything with scales on the island, with those that are supposed to be dead taking precedence over those that are still alive. The cast remains much the same as in the movie in terms of characters; for example, Ian, Sarah, and Eddie. However, their missions are now laid out by Hammond. Another discrepancy is that the usual assortment of things that go "chomp" in the night are not the only enemies you face; in the game you encounter InGen's mercenaries and guards on several occasions, and late in the movie there is a mutual alliance based on the fact that neither group wants to die. In game, however, there is no truce and the mercenaries clearly have more equipment than they did in the movie. In addition to the wandering batches of mercenaries on foot, they also make use of 20-30+ Jeeps and even tanks.

Jurassic Park III - 2001

To coincide with the third film in the series, Jurassic Park III—the first film not based on a Michael Crichton novel and not directed by Steven Spielberg—a number of software related merchandise items for the PC, Arcade and Game Boy Advance were released.
A side scrolling platformer primarily aimed at a younger audience was released, titled Jurassic Park 3: Dino Defender, developed and published by Vivendi Universal Games for PC. The game possessed noticeably brighter graphics and a lighter atmosphere than the previous platformers in the series. A 3D action game titled Jurassic Park 3: Scan Command, was also developed and published by Vivendi Universal Games for PC. This game came with a barcode scanner accessory which was used to scan barcodes which were then converted to DNA pieces in the game. The plotline revolved around an evil scientist at InGen taking over the park with an army of dinosaurs, and a group of kids having to save it by using dinosaurs to fight the evil scientist's dinosaurs. The DNA pieces were used to modify the player's dinosaurs. The player controlled multiple dinosaurs, and issued commands in real-time during fights. A light gun game for arcades was released under the name Jurassic Park III.

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - 2003

In March 2003, Vivendi Universal Games released a game developed by Australian company Blue Tongue Entertainment very much similar to the 2001, Game Boy game Jurassic Park III: Park Builder. The game titled Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis allows the user to recreate their own Jurassic Park featuring 25 dinosaurs and a multitude of rides, shops and other attractions. The game was released on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC.
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