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The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a 1997 movie and sequel to the blockbuster Jurassic Park. The film was adapted by David Koepp from Michael Crichton's novel The Lost World, and was directed by Steven Spielberg.
Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough reprise their roles from the previous film. They are joined by Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Vince Vaughn, Richard Schiff, Arliss Howard and Peter Stormare. Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello make brief appearances.


Four years have passed since the disaster at Jurassic Park, and John Hammond no longer leads InGen. The company is taken over by his ruthless nephew, Peter Ludlow. Ian Malcolm, meanwhile, despite having signed an agreement that forbade him from ever divulging any information on his visit to Isla Nublar, reveals that InGen cloned dinosaurs for use in a theme park, which almost destroys his credibility as he cannot support his claims under InGen's threat of legal action.
John Hammond calls for Malcolm's help. Seemingly, the animals on Isla Nublar surely are dead, but InGen had a second island, named Isla Sorna, where the original research was performed. A hurricane forced an evacuation of this island, and dinosaurs continue to thrive there. Peter Ludlow persuades InGen's investors that a dinosaur theme park is still a profitable idea, and makes plans to move into this second island and capture the animals to bring them to San Diego, where InGen is finishing construction on a Jurassic Park arena. Hammond, on the other hand, is trying to prevent this: if he gathers a team of experts to document the dinosaurs in their habitat, they might save those animals from a life of captivity. Malcolm initially refuses, but then learns that his girlfriend, paleontologist Sarah Harding, is already on the island by herself. He agrees to go in an attempt to convince Sarah to leave. As he prepares for the trip we are introduced to his daughter, Kelly Curtis (one of the three kids he mentions having in the first film). The rest of Hammond's team consists of Malcolm, engineer Eddie Carr (who built the custom vehicles the team use, including two solar-powered Mercedes SUVs and a special trailer including a mobile laboratory), and wildlife documentary maker Nick Van Owen. They arrive at the island and find Sarah in the wild, taking photographs. After escaping an alarmed Stegosaurus herd, the group returns to their camp site to find Kelly, who had snuck into the trailer before it left for the island. Malcolm, furious, tries to contact the boat which brought them to Isla Sorna. Unfortunately this is interrupted as InGen has officially now sent their second team to the island to hunt down and capture the dinosaurs that inhabit it for transportation back to InGen's facilities.
InGen's hunters arrive with custom vehicles and equipment, carried by Chinook and Huey helicopters. InGen's team is led by hunter Roland Tembo and his aide/partner Ajay Sidhu, and mercenaries are led by Dieter Stark (Peter Stormare). The team's consultant is paleontologist Robert Burke. By the time night falls, the InGen team has already captured several dinosaurs, mostly herbivores such as a Parasaurolophus, a Pachycephalosaurus, a Triceratops and many others. As Ludlow prepares for a satellite video transmission to the InGen board Nick reveals to the rest that Hammond insisted if Ludlow showed up he was to free the animals if they were captured. Nick and Sarah then sneak into the camp to free the captive dinosaurs and cut the fuel lines on the hunter jeeps. In the ensuing carnage, car explosions set off fires which quickly spread through the camp. One burning vehicle is jettisoned into the air, and nearly kills Tembo and Sidhu.
Tembo, meanwhile, is hunting for his most sought-after trophy; a male Tyrannosaurus. He uses the baby T. rex that he captured and Ludlow injured, waiting for the animal to save his offspring. He hears the rumble back in InGen settlement. Together with Sidhu, he leaves for the camp. Nick finds and frees the baby, and brings it back to the trailer so that he and Sarah can set the baby's broken leg. Malcolm, Kelly, and Eddie hide in a "high hide," an observation platform that can be hoisted to the treetops. Malcolm returns to the trailer just before the T. rex parents arrive in search of their child. Sarah returns the baby to its parents, who leave, only to return a few moments later to attack the trailer. The adult Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs leave after forcing the trailer into a position where its back Trailer is hanging off a cliff with Malcolm, Nick, and Sarah trapped inside. Eddie decides to help, and leaves Kelly alone in the high hide. He takes the other SUV and rides to the trailer. He ties a rope to one of the trees and throws it down to Malcolm, Sarah and Nick. Eddie then hooks the SUV to the trailer and tries to pull it back. The T. rex parents return and eat Eddie. The trailer falls down the cliff, but its occupants manage to survive holding the rope Eddie tied to the tree. The InGen team finds and helps them climb back up. Without a choice, Malcolm, Sarah, Nick and Kelly join the rival InGen team, because the animal attack destroyed all communications equipment and now they have to migrate to the formerly inhabited InGen operations building, so they can use the communications center to radio for help. Ludlow warns that the center is a preferred Velociraptor nesting site.
During a break on the hike to the center, Dieter leaves the group to use the bathroom and gets lost (his driver Carter is listening to headphones and does not hear Dieter's calls for help). Dieter is killed by Compsognathus soon after getting lost and the others fail to notice his disappearance until it is too late. At night, the group's camp is attacked by Tyrannosaurus, and several people, including Carter and Burke, are killed during this attack. The survivors continue their journey, and are ambushed by several Velociraptor as they go through a high and dense rush-bed. Malcolm and his friends run for the buildings while raptors are busy with others. Nick rushes into the building and radios for help, while Malcolm, Sarah and Kelly manage to survive a raptor attack. A rescue helicopter takes them away, and on the flight they see that Tembo has incapacitated the male Tyrannosaurus with two tranquilizer darts, and it is being prepared to be shipped to the mainland. Ludlow also orders the baby Tyrannosaurus to be found and brought back to San Diego. InGen invites all prestigious investors to the docks to witness the arrival of the Tyrannosaurus. The ship does not slow down, and crashes into the dock. Guards board the ship and find that the remains of crew members that have been killed litter the ship. A guard opens the cargo door in an attempt to look for survivors and the Tyrannosaurus storms out of the cargo bay, and heads into San Diego. As Ludlow is surveying the destruction, Malcolm says simply "Now you're John Hammond".
Malcolm and Sarah ask Ludlow, who is in total shock, where the baby is. Ludlow says that the baby was brought by plane, and is at the zoo complex. Malcolm drives to the complex and picks up the baby, while the adult Tyrannosaurus runs wild through the city. Malcolm and Sarah bait the creature with its baby. They drive back to the docks and place the baby dinosaur into the cargo hold of the ship. Ludlow sees them, and follows them into the cargo hold. Malcolm and Sarah escape the ship as Ludlow tries to take the baby back. The Tyrannosaurus rushes into the cargo hold; meanwhile Sarah prepares the sedative dart gun and veterinary tranquilizers, and shoots the T. rex as Malcolm closes the cargo hold door, trapping the animal inside. Ludlow becomes a meal for the baby rex. Finally, Malcolm, Sarah and Kelly rest in their home, in front of the TV, which is showing the ship cruising back to the island. John Hammond is then interviewed, pleading that the island be preserved and isolated, for the dinosaurs require human absence in order to best survive. Then you can see an open plain at Isla Sorna. There is the Tyrannosaurus couple with their infant and the Stegosaurus herd with their infant. Two Pteranodon come flying, and one of them lands on a branch and shrieks. The end credits roll.
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