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Indiana Jones is born Henry Walden Jones Jr. to Scottish-born professor of Medieval literature, Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (played by Lloyd Owen in the TV series and by Sean Connery in the films), and his wife Anna on July 1, 1899, in Princeton, New Jersey. "Junior" accompanies his father on his travels throughout Europe, where he learns to speak, read, and write 27 languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili, Latin and Chinese, as well as some Hindi, apart from English. Although his father calls him "Junior," Henry Jr. adopts the name of his beloved dog "Indiana" for himself, insisting he be referred to as "Indiana Jones" ("Indy" for short). It is not known for sure when he first does this, except that he is referred to as Indiana during childhood by his peers. During his youth and young adulthood, Jones meets many historical figures who each have a unique impact on his life.
In 1912, as seen in the opening of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy is living in Utah and is a member of the Boy Scouts of America with the rank of Life Scout, as seen on his uniform: a fleur-de-lis, or trefoil, superimposed on a heart. It was here, while attempting to secure the Cross of Coronado from thieves, Indy first learns to use the bullwhip and receives his trademark fedora, as well as the scar on his chin. This is also the time when he first develops his aversion to snakes. His father wants him to go to Princeton University. During a trip to Mexico Indiana is kidnapped by Mexican revolutionaries. He joins this army of revolutionaries, and plays a part in the Mexican Revolution of 1916, under Pancho Villa. It is here that he also meets his friend Remy, a Belgian. With Remy, he leaves Mexico and travels to Ireland just in time for the Easter Rising. He then travels to England, getting involved with the suffrage movement, and then he and Remy join the Belgian Army. He participates in the Western Front, and is taken prisoner by the Germans, escaping, encounters (and loses his virginity to) Mata Hari eventually making his way to Africa.
When they arrive in Africa, Jones and Remy are commissioned as lieutenants. Jones' inability to read maps properly causes him to lose his intended unit, and he instead fights alongside a team of old men, collectively known as "The Old and the Bold", the historical 25th Royal Fusiliers under the British Army. Their commander is the historical Frederic Selous, portrayed by Raiders veteran Paul Freeman. Among missions (depicted in the television series), the team destroy a giant cannon mounted on a train, and they kidnap the (real-life) German military genius Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck in a balloon, but they are forced to release him. Also while in Africa, Jones becomes ill, and is treated by Albert Schweitzer. Jones and Remy are then transferred to the French Army, and Jones works as an intelligence officer, vies with Ernest Hemingway for the affections of a young nurse, and works as a translator for the Treaty of Versailles, seeing the war come to its conclusion but laying down the groundwork for a second conflict. Sometime after the war, Jones returns to the United States, where he studies archaeology at the University of Chicago under Professor Abner Ravenwood. At the same time, he becomes romantically involved with the Professor's daughter Marion.
Dr. Jones abruptly leaves the Ravenwoods in 1926 and does not contact them for 10 years. (The sudden end to his relationship with Marion Ravenwood leads to a deep rift between himself and Abner during this time.) He divides his time between teaching and archaeological expeditions, including a journey to Germany, Turkey, the Republic of China and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1935 where he races the Nazis to a mystical gem called "The Heart of the Dragon" from the ancient tomb of a Chinese emperor (Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb video game). Immediately afterward, he faces the gangster Lao Che and the Thuggee, followers of the cult of Kali (Temple of Doom). He is called to a temple in Asia, where the deity Mara resided, but went missing, worrying the government and his friend Sallah. In 1936, he is contacted by the United States government to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis (Raiders of the Lost Ark). He continues to take on infrequent missions for the government over the ensuing years. In 1938, Indy rescues his father from the Nazis and becomes embroiled in the search for the Holy Grail (Last Crusade). His life during World War II is unknown, but in 1947 he is deceived by the recently born CIA to search the mechanism of the Babylonian Infernal Machine (Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine video game).
When last seen in 1993, Jones is living in New York City with his daughter and her family (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles). Sporting an eyepatch and cane, he is stopping anyone within earshot to regale them with tales of his exploits. He seems remarkably spry for a man in his 90s—whether that is because of his drinking from the Grail is unknown. It is yet to be chronicled as to what adventure leads Indy to wear an eyepatch.
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